About Us

SOS Physical Therapy emphasizes increased direct treatment time with our skilled physical therapists to get the most out of each and every visit. Our patients enjoy a more focused atmosphere where each patient gets the attention and instruction they need to make rapid and sustainable positive change. Patients get better education, more comprehensive manual treatments, and a skilled exercise instruction.

Jeffrey H. Vonderhaar

Chief Executive Officer

In 2003, with a vision of providing exceptional patient care, quality medical products, and to be truly a ‘one stop solution’ for patients and their rehabilitative needs –  Jeffrey founded Specialized Orthopedic Solutions, Inc.,(dba: SOS Medical). Since 2003, SOS Medical has blossomed into a thriving durable medical equipment (DME) distributorship, O&P Facility and Physical Therapy Clinic where they now care for hundreds of patients monthly. The vast knowledge gained over years in the medical industry, coupled with his drive and tenacity, all contributed to the success of SOS Medical today.

Crisheila Rutherford

Director of Physical Therapy

Crisheila  joined SOS as Director of Physical Therapy. Crisheila Mangabat-Rutherford graduated with bachelors degree in physical therapy at Emilio Aguinaldo college-manila, Philippines and became a registered physical therapy in California in 2006. She began her work in the Philippine as a clinical instructor in pediatric setting. She has been a rehab director for many years in a skilled nursing facility. She has continued a professional career with a strong leadership skill with colleagues who enjoy working under her. she also has 11 years of experience in home health therapy. She is passionate in what she does. She is always highly recommended and loved by her patients. Crisheila also has specialized training in wound care. She is an APTA certified physical therapy instructor. She has mentored students and has seen them reach their goals as physical therapy assistants and is currently supervising students from different colleges and universities for hands on experience with patients in a skilled nursing environment. Her hobbies are sewing, beading, jewelry making, and gardening. She enjoys traveling, site seeing museums, gardens, and national parks, and hiking. Crisheila is a devoted wife, a mother of three who still finds time to cook and share a family movie at the end of her work day.

Dimitri Yagdis

ABC Certified Prosthetist Orthotist

Dimitri began in the industry at the age of seven while working in his father’s custom shoe fabrication facility, Valley Oaks Orthopedic. He gained insightful exposure to orthotic and prosthetic devices and their components. This childhood education eventually led him to graduate from CSU Dominguez Hills with a Bachelor degree in Health Science, Orthotics and Prosthetics. He is currently an ABC Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist at SOS Medical.